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Take Me With You - eBook
Portugal’s National Road 2 on Foot

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Take Me With You - eBook - CABRAL, AFONSO REIS

Portugal’s National Road 2, at almost 739 kilometers long (459 miles), is the longest road in the country, and one of the longest in the world. It travels the length of Portugal from Chaves in the north to Faro in the South. With a mythical status and its own identity, it’s the most beautiful route to travel if you want to get to know the people, landscapes, and the very heart of Portugal.
The writer Afonso Reis Cabral, author of two novels and a collection of poems, decided to travel the length of the road on foot. For 24 days, walking alone, he let the road guide him: he crossed mountains and plains, plunged into rivers, walked through storms and sun. But most importantly, he stopped to talk with the people he met. At day’s end, he would publish a post on his Facebook page, a diary written on his cell phone, relating the main events of that day’s journey. With thousands of readers, comments, and shares, his posts inspired people far and wide.
Now, in an expanded, illustrated version, this book is Afonso’s travel diary of his journey along that mythical road.
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